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Dates: Tuesday 23rd - Thursday 25th June (4pm - 6pm PDT)

Cost: $330.00 

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Connecting People and Science in the Disinformation Age workshop

How can science communication prevail in the face of disinformation, mistrust, cognitive bias, celebrity culture and other barriers?
Using examples ripped from the headlines, this workshop (or series of webinars) provides practical learning on the rise of misinformation in science, what makes people vulnerable to it as well as concepts and strategies to develop more effective messaging. Participants will analyze situations and discuss potential counter-balancing solutions through exercises, case studies, discussions and critical analysis that help bring the learning to life and into the workplace.

Key outcomes
      • An understanding of the social psychology behind counter-knowledge.
      • New approaches, tools and ideas to improve messaging and avoid post-truth pitfalls.

Anybody who communicates science or needs to obtain buy-in for evidence. Examples include government and academic scientists, policy makers/analysts, knowledge brokers, health care providers and administrators, post-graduate students, science communicators, journalists, health charities and others.

Sylviane Duval grew the science communications business she launched in 2003 into a consultancy focusing on knowledge transfer, research navigation, and business/soft-skills training for scientists. Working with clients in a wide range of sectors gives her a first-hand opportunity to observe many polarized discussions, understand the basis for entrenched beliefs and contribute ideas to balanced solutions so that users can make informed decisions. Sylviane is a Co-founder of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization and member of Evidence for Democracy’s Network of Experts. She has been a member of national and international boards supporting the ethical and accessible communication of science, and a national advisory committee promoting the protection of intellectual property. She holds a Secret clearance from the Government of Canada.