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Implementation, Spread and Scale (Online course)

Open for Enrollment from May 11, 2020 until June 30, 2020.

Our comprehensive 8-module online course on planning for implementation, spread, and scale – informed by the science of implementation.

If you are a professional tasked with implementing a program, policy, or innovation, this course is for you. We welcome participants from a range of settings and topic areas.

Change is hard. Learning about implementation science can help.

Implementation science is the scientific study of how best to implement and sustain new innovations and change. It is complementary to other approaches, such as change management and quality improvement, and can make a real difference in how you overcome barriers to change.

Our new online course, Implementation, Spread, and Scale offers comprehensive, easy-to-follow guidance on how you can successfully integrate implementation science into your day-to-day work. Over 8 modules, our team will guide you through the complexity of implementing, spreading and scaling interventions using best practices and approaches.

In Implementation, Spread, and Scale, you will:

  • Describe the key roles in the implementation system.
  • Understand and describe the role of implementation teams, implementation supports, and the need for effective team and inter-organizational functioning.
  • Assess readiness, organizational fit, and the implementation context.
  • Plan for adaptations and sustainability.
  • Evaluate implementation qualityfidelity, and outcomes.
  • Think about implementation from a systems perspective.