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KT Connects - Fostering an Organizational Culture of Knowledge Exchange - Insights into the Journey for Beginners

KT Connects is series of monthly beginner-level knowledge translation (KT) webinars hosted by MSFHR and Arthritis Research Canada. Hear KT scientists, stakeholders and practitioners discuss the basics of KT, how KT relates to patients and the public, and KT in health policy-making and clinical practice.

We are kicking off the KT Connects 2020 webinar series with Karine Souffez, Associate Director, Knowledge Exchange Unit, UBC. 

Karine Souffez has fifteen years of experience in knowledge translation and exchange (KT) in support of practice and policy. Passionate about KT, she moved to BC in 2018 to join UBC’s the University of British Columbia’s Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation Office with a mandate to develop and implement a Knowledge Exchange Unit. From 2005-2018, she worked at the Quebec Public Health Institute, a center of reference and expertise in public health, where she was responsible for developing the KT sector. She assembled a team of KT counsellors and spearheaded more than 100 KT projects, emphasizing the importance of early and ongoing interactions with non-academic partners and the development of products that meet users’ needs. She has published and presented widely on KT, collaborating with KT research teams and experts across Canada.

About the webinar: 

Knowledge exchange (Kx) and evidence-informed practices are becoming a priority for a growing number of organizations. Many institutions are looking for ways to create an overarching culture to support the adoption of Kx practices. In this talk, Karine Souffez will present the UBC Knowledge Exchange Unit’s approach to engaging the academic community in Kx and share insights into the early days of this initiative. Karine will also draw from her past experience in a public health authority to share lessons learned and identify practices that may apply to other organizational settings. Referring to theories and frameworks, she will highlight the importance of adopting a stepwise approach, harnessing existing expertise and ensuring connectivity within the Kx ecosystem.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Access resources about Kx organizational frameworks and initiatives
  • Identify strategies and steps towards building a Kx organizational culture
  • Reflect on drivers and barriers to change in the context of your organization