September 20, 2019

26 Research Teams Receive Awards To Foster Collaboration And Improve The Uptake Of Evidence

Eighteen 2019 Convening & Collaborating (C2) awards and eight 2019 Reach awards have been awarded to teams across BC. These awards are designed to foster collaboration between researchers and research users, support the co-development of research questions and the dissemination of research evidence.

Research knowledge is most likely to be applied when it is informed by those who will use it, whether that be community members, care providers, policy-makers, or other researchers.To support this, and help ensure research has the maximum impact on health and the health system, 18 C2 and eight Reach teams from around the province will be undertaking projects ranging from developing a research agenda for dementia-friendly communities to producing a film for frontline health professionals to help them talk to patients about vaccine boosters. 

Click here for the full list of C2 and Reach award recipients