Commentary - Can Systems Thinking Become “The Way We Do Things?”

Holmes, B.J. (2020). Can systems thinking become “the way we do things?” Comment on “What can policy-makers get out of systems thinking? Policy partners’ experiences of a systems-focused research collaboration in preventive health.” Int J Health Policy Manag, x(x):1–3. doi:10.34172/ijhpm.2020.70

In this commentary on Haynes et al's “What Can Policy-Makers Get Out of Systems Thinking? Policy Partners’ Experiences of a Systems-Focused Research Collaboration in Preventive Health," Holmes discuses how "operationalizing the ‘co’ in co-production is not easy, but it may be where the pay-off will be for prevention researchers, who must understand the critical success factors of co-production and its potential pitfalls, to capitalize on its significant opportunities."