Commentary - Re-imagining Research: a Bold Call, but Bold Enough?

Holmes, B. (2020). Re-imagining research: a bold call, but bold enough? Comment on “Experience of health leadership in partnering with university-based researchers in Canada: a call to ‘re-imagine’ research.” Int J Health Policy Manag. x(x):1–3. doi:10.15171/ijhpm.2019.139

"Researcher-health system partnerships have potential, but as Bowen et al note, the specific benefits – and how those benefits are best achieved – are little understood. Given the positive shifts identified in this study, and the knowledge that participants demonstrate about what needs to change, the time is right for bold action. Further exploring assumptions and models of partnerships and language, urging change and setting expectations at the highest levels, and committing to working with complexity, will help us re-imagine not only research, but healthcare, such that the production and use of evidence for better health is embraced and supported."