Connecting Knowledge and Action in Complex Health Systems

Plamondon, K., Battersby, L., Black, A., Creighton, G., Hoens, A. and Young, W. (2020) Connecting knowledge and action in complex health systems: examples from British Columbia, Canada, Evidence & Policy, vol xx, no xx, 1–13, DOI: 10.1332/174426420X15883549951570 Health. 

"...This article explores complexity as a starting point from which to re-imagine the relationship between research, evidence, and health systems. We offer practical examples of the many ways that health systems in British Columbia navigate complexity and cultivate cultures of doing and using research to inform care. Drawing on our experiences as champions of connecting knowledge-to-action (KTA) in complex settings, we offer examples that illustrate responses to Holmes et al’s six calls for action to connect knowledge and action: co-produce knowledge, set shared goals and measurements, enable and support leadership, ensure adequate resources, advance the science of knowledge translation, and communicate strategically."