KT Connects - Co-creating dissemination materials with patients

KT Connects (2020) - "Co-creating dissemination materials with patients" with Dr. Iva Cheung 

Effectively disseminating research evidence to patients and family care partners requires knowing (a) what they need to know and (b) how they would prefer to receive that information. By co-creating dissemination materials with patients, you can learn directly from these audiences which formats and language choices would best get your message across. Conveying research evidence to non-patient stakeholders—including health care providers, policy makers, and other academic researchers—can also benefit from co-creation with patients, who can help identify and eliminate commonly used but potentially harmful language that may have discouraged some patients from seeking care or engaging in health research. In this session, Dr. Cheung shares approaches to co-creation, and the benefits of co-creating dissemination materials with patients. She also describes facilitators and challenges of co-creation resources and tools to develop and execute a knowledge translation plan for research or practice.